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A global team of passionate, energetic and ethical individuals has launched a venture titled Synergetic Trees (ST); the primary objective is carbon sequestration - carbon neutral. Our driver is an attempt to make a positive impact on climate change, namely, by addressing global warming through the reduction of carbon footprint.

The objective is to plant more than one billion trees

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Help Us To Raise Funds

There are lots of ways how you can contribute to our tree planting project. Let us team up in making it easy to plant trees and support the environment.

We encourage people to donate money to help with trees planting in many corners of the world. This work involves partnering with corporate and scientific experts to develop forest landscaping solutions that are sustainable and scalable.

The result of this work is to help communities to manage forests and natural resources in a way that is beneficial to the environment. It's important for communities to be able to do this in order for the planet to survive into the future.

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Fight against global warming

We make impact against global warming and improving the world we all live in the better, brighter, healthier place!


We facilitate, encourage and spread mental health awareness through meditation.

Creating jobs

By coordinating the tree planting initiatives across the world, we are creating jobs and opportunities for families.

Synergetic Trees